Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Purpose of Pain Scales

From Wong D.L., Hockenberry-Eaton M., Wilson D., Winkelstein M.L., Schwartz P.: Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, ed. 6, St. Louis, 2001, p. 1301. Copyrighted by Mosby, Inc. Reprinted by permission.

The Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale

Designed for children aged 3 years and older, the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale is also helpful for elderly patients who may be cognitively impaired. If offers a visual description for those who don't have the verbal skills to explain how their symptoms make them feel.

To use this scale, your doctor should explain that each face shows how a person in pain is feeling. That is, a person may feel happy because he or she has no pain (hurt), or a person may feel sad because he or she has some or a lot of pain.

Face 0 is very happy because he or she doesn't hurt at all.

Face 1 hurts just a little bit.

Face 2 hurts a little more.

Face 3 hurts even more.

Face 4 hurts a whole lot.

Face 5 hurts as much as you can imagine, although you don't have to be crying to feel this bad.

You should point to each face using the words to describe the pain intensity. You should then choose the face that best describes how you feel.

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